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crunchy spaghetti pangrattato

Le 29 March 2016, 05:07 dans Humeurs 0

If the theme of late here is simple, cozy meals we can assemble even when we’re not, perhaps, having the most well-rested, worry-free weeks ever, we are unquestionably overdue for a conversation about eggs in purgatory, aka Italian-style huevos rancheros/shakshuka. Plus, what could be more appropriately uplifting during Holy Week than a dish that celebrates hell, or the imminent threat of it? What, you say, one that also celebrates the oldest profession? Oh honey, we’re in.

I first mentioned having cooked eggs in tomato sauce nearly eight years ago on this site; it was a surprisingly excellent fast dinner. About half the commenters said “You just made eggs in purgatory” and the other half said, “You need to make shakshuka.” I went with the latter and have felt little need to err from that glorious recipe for six years now. But poking around on Nigella Lawson’s website the other day, always a wonderful place to find any cooking inspiration that eludes you, the photo with her eggs in purgatory recipe was stop-me-in-my-tracks stunning, and I suddenly needed it in my life very badly.

Let me be the first to admit that the only reason that the hamantaschen archives on this site aren’t stronger are that I’m completely stubborn and generally a pedant and this gets in the way of what I know needs to be done to achieve hamantaschen perfection. If you read that sentence and thought “I know what some of those words mean but maybe not in that order,” don’t worry, you’re not alone. Hamantaschen are triangular cookies traditionally eaten during the Jewish festival of Purim (think: Jewish Mardi Gras) that falls next week. Haman, the villain in the biblical story, was said to wear a tricorne hat — with the brim turned up on three sides, something that was wildly fashionable in the 1700s which means it’s due for a hipster revival any day now — and this is where the cookies get their shape.

In times of lots of worry and little sleep, like most of us, I return to my comforts and staples: avocado toast, a great pot of meatballs, and as many ways as I can find to intersect noodles and eggs. While I am fairly certain I could live off this fiery, with crispy eggs for the rest of my life, as bits of spring have been in the air, I am always ready for fresh takes on cold noodles.

sweet and tart

Le 9 March 2016, 07:08 dans Humeurs 0

Any margarita fans out there among my baking friends? If so, you’re about to be introduced to your new favorite cake. This beauty is a magical combination of tart VPN Service, sweet citrus, a bit of Tequila, and a hint of salt. It is essentially the dessert version of a margarita.

This cake is wonderfully sweet and tart, with a hint of tequila and lime in the frosting. And, of course, you must have that sprinkling of salt to complete the picture. The whole package is full of such bright Venetian Macao, happy flavor!

As you can imagine, there’s quite a citrus flavor punch in there service apartments in hk. Citrus is something for which I’ve admittedly had to develop a taste over the years. I’ve gone from only liking a hint of it to embracing more and more of those big, bold, tart flavors in desserts like this one.

Even if you’re not a big fan of sweet and salty, I encourage you to try adding a sprinkling of sea salt to the frosted cake. It doesn’t add a big salty flavor but rather perfectly complements the sweet and tart elements of the cake.

I was first introduced to this fantastic cake at a local event sponsored by Bob’s Red Mill. Afterwards, they were kind enough to send me a sampling of their products along with the recipe for this cake, which they describe as “an edible cocktail.” I think you’ll agree with that description and enjoy it every bit as much as we did!

The First Salary

Le 7 December 2015, 09:17 dans Humeurs 0

As the a student, I am so eager to graduate quickly and then make living by myself. I want to be independent and return my parents’ love. I am so looking forward to my first salary, when I get it You beauty, I will spend it with many purposes.

First, I want to buy some presents to my parents. I am so thankful to my parents Security Information and Event Management, for they taking care of me all the time. Though I was born in an ordinary family, my parents give me all their love. I am so lucky to have them as my parents. So when I get my first salary, I will think of them in the first time. I will buy something they like.

Second, I will buy something for myself. I have so many things want to buy, but I don’t have enough money Laser Facial . Like the new cell phone. My phone has been used for many years and it is out of date, I want to buy a new one. I also want to buy the beautiful dress.

Thinking about I can earn money by myself, I feel so excited. The first salary will be very precious for me.

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